Artist Statement - Contemporary Realism

To paint for me is to express my soul. In the creative process of expression through colors and form I find release and contentment. I like to trigger an emotional response in the viewer of my paintings, expressing the hidden within known forms. Sharing what I see in this world with others.

I work with oil on canvas, a fluid medium of colors on a light ground where I can create texture. I like to work with brushes and my fingers, it feels like a direct connection to the process of creation. Colors, light and shadow, forms and the duality of expression are important to me. I am inspired by an idea or a form, an unusual moment. I am content when what I try to express feels complete in the painting. Recognizable forms with concealed meanings.

Ever since being a child I liked to express my soul through of color and form, with my hands. I want to display both sides of duality as belonging together, requiring each other. Harmony and disharmony, positive and negative, strength and weakness, beauty and ugliness, light and shadow. I am satisfied when the viewer of my paintings is touched emotionally and intellectually.

contemporary avant garde realism - oil on canvas 30"x40"
Oil on canvas 30"x40"

2016 by Dietmar Florence Rittner